What to see - September

Stable Yard - A yellow-flowered rose against the wall add colour.

Walled Garden - pass into the garden past beds of brightly coloured flowers and glance right to the raised beds where carrots and lettuce are being grown.

Vegetable Garden - Broad beans and peas have completed their cycle to be replaced by runner beans.  Cabbages in the brassica cage have not escaped the ravages of the Cabbage White butterfly larvae but will still make good eating if washed clean.

Flower Garden - Michaelmas daisies are starting to make their colourful appearance.  

Fruit Garden - The espalier trained fruit tress along the wall are ripening and will soon be ready for harvesting.

Follow the path into the Sunken Garden.  Cyclamen are beginning to make a floral impact under the venerable Waterloo Beech.  Proceed along the shale path with fine views over the Dee.  


Now that the restoration work has begun on the Manor, and in the grounds, access to some parts may not be permitted for health and safety reasons.  You are advised to read information notices carefully and follow the directions.

Who we are

The Friends of Burton Manor Gardens are a volunteer group dedicated to restoring and maintaining the walled garden within the grounds of Burton Manor. 

We have an active garden project reliant on volunteers and grants for the conservation of the original Victorian and Edwardian gardens. With the help of Heritage Lottery funding, a large Edwardian glasshouse has been restored to its original design. This glasshouse can be used both as a greenhouse and as an small events venue. 

Within the extensive grounds you can also visit a rare underground ice house. Currently the ice house is home to a colony of bats and therefore access inside is not possible. However the outside can be viewed on the perimeter walk.

The gardens are open daily from 10am until approximately 6pm.  Volunteers work in the gardens every Monday and Wednesday morning.

New - a walk around Burton Village - available HERE